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Lux Noir Black line – Flow less

Stunning live edge oak and epoxy resin river coffee table.



Imagine how wonderful a unique table from our Lux Noir Black collection will look in your home! An unparalleled, long oak plank with a natural edge, submerged in amber epoxy resin, creates a breathtaking work of art! The table legs are made of high-quality oak and measure 65mm x 25mm, providing exceptional stability and durability. We used only Danish oil to finish the wood, which allows for the preservation of the natural look of the wood while providing long-lasting protection. You don’t have to worry about your floor because we’ve added velcro pads to each leg to protect it from scratches. Looking at it, you feel like you’re in the wilderness, where wolves run around you, and the epoxy resin in three different shades of blue pigment creates an incredible play of colors that brings incredible energy into your life! It is a unique work of art that must not be missing in your home. It invokes wonderful emotions and the scents of nature, while adding unique style and elegance to your interior.


H: 534mm

W: 992mm

D: 590mm

Table top thickness: 24mm


W: 567mm

D: 273mm

Thickness: 40mm

Legs made of steel: 91mm x 9mm


I will provide you with after care instructions.

Each of my creations is unique and one of a kind!

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