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Lux Noir Black line – Arche masterpiece

Stunning live edge oak and epoxy resin rivers coffee table.



With pride, we present another masterpiece – our magnificent table, which enchants with its glass top and unique high-gloss finish achieved by using transparent epoxy resin. This exceptional table is a perfect addition to your living room, bringing in a touch of unmatched elegance and stylish atmosphere. Its high-quality glass top makes the space seem bigger and more spacious, adding lightness and subtle elegance to any interior. Thanks to its eye-catching high-gloss finish, this table attracts attention and tempts anyone who notices it. The transparent epoxy resin reflects light in such a way that the table seems to be immersed in sparkling water. Stable and durable legs made of black matte metal beautifully contrast with the transparent top, creating an incredible play of contrasts that attracts attention and arouses interest. This table is not only a work of art but also a functional and practical solution. Ideal for snacks, drinks, and good books.



H: 573mm

W: 514mm

D: 378mm

Top thickness:  23mm

Legs are made of steel 91mm x 9mm


I will provide you with after care instructions.


Each of my creations is unique and one of a kind!


On the last picture you canxfind some of Sole Woodcrafts other creations 100% designed by us.

Tables on that last collage are not a part of this listing.

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