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Custom - made artisan furniture - how does it all look like?

In these five easy steps we will create any of your dream furniture.

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With your minimum contribution and our maximum involvement.

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Step one

We work with the whole range of type of hardwood to make your handcrafted table or any other piece of furniture. You can choose between walnut, oak, yew, cedar ash and many more. Touch the wood grain, feel it, smell it, take a careful look at it. Just let us know which wood you perceive most with all your senses. We will then select the most unique and adequate part of it for you.


Step two

Each piece of our furniture is one of a kind. We make it from individually selected wood of the highest quality combined with epoxy resin. In our resources there is almost the entire color palette of pigment resin you could think of, including translucent, pearl ex and solid pallet. Picture your own  pattern or leave it trustingly to our imagination and sense of taste.


Step three

Now we determine if you prefer metal or wooden legs and what design appeals to you the most. Our collection includes ready designs you can pick from but we can also create unique design just for you. Share your instructions and visions with us or give us a free hand. We know what we do and we love it so purely that we devote ourselves entirely to the creation process.


Step four

It is time to choose the size of your furniture. Tell us about its purpose and your needs. Will this novelty be treated more as an ornament or will it help to organize the surroundings? We will adjust the dimensions to the circumstances given. Each feature is crucial as it forms a whole that covers the entire room and even the building.


Step five

Last but definitely not least – it is time for you to decide about the last touches of the design.

Metal legs go well with powder coating in any colour and wooden legs with protective oils, waxes, dyes or simply paint. 

As a standard, we usually finish our tabletops in two ways. To obtain a beautiful and natural look we polish the epoxy and apply oil to the wood. For a more luxury super gloss look, we coat a whole tabletop with a thin layer of epoxy.

Following the above steps will allow us to prepare a coherent and personalized project concept ready for your approval.

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