Sole Woodcrafts

Immersive wooden design

Home is your peaceful oasis and office is your place of invention. The interior design of spaces where you spend a lot of time can reflect your own interior, particular style and what is important to you. 

It speaks without words about you, the reality you create and the quality you value. Furniture is its immanent element. Is it supposed to give a sense of minimalism, elegance or maybe a pinch of artistic visionary? 

In each case we always pay attention to details and individually selected materials. Immerse yourself in our wooden world.

Sole Woodcrafts

Natural wood

We use only natural raw materials for the production of our furniture.

Timeless look

Timeless design, suitable for luxurious interiors.

Profound devotion to discovery

Passion for creation and love for wood flooded us like a rushing river in 2017. As a matter of fact, it all started with constructing a handmade river table. Since then we have been sourcing the highest quality live edge wood and submerging it in epoxy resin.


Lux Noir Black line - Arche masterpiece



Lux Noir Black line - Flow less



Black epoxy and Oak rivers coffee table.



Lux Noir Black line - bedside drawer set


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