Sole Woodcrafts

What characterizes us and our wares?

Our wood is individually selected from local sawmills. We only use the highest quality resources dried naturally for many years. Walnut, oak, yew, cedar ash and many more. Each type of wood is different and beautiful in its own specific way.

The whole creative process begins with the selection of the most suitable wood. Then it is cleaned of bark and knots. The next step is grinding to obtain a flat surface. Afterwards we build a mould slightly larger than the final table top and cut the wood to fit the mould.

Epoxy resin

Now it is time to pour a thin layer of epoxy resin into the mould and submerge the wood in it. Next we fix it with clamps. We pour the resin over the free places, cracks, etc. in several layers. After epoxy resin is fully cured, we remove it from the mould and mill excess of resin to bring back flat surface.


We cut the edges to the final size and grind the surface with sandpaper from 80 to 3000 grid. Later on we polish and finish it with oil or resin. Finally we weld, paint and turn the legs down. The metal ones we coat with powder and wooden ones with oil. 

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